We Must Help the World

I am very saddened by the news I read today in the internet. It seems that even in this age of technology and computers, millions of children still die because of hunger. It kept me thinking of how it can really happen, and if it was really true. But it was, and it is so sad, no, tragic is a better word to describe it.

While we busy ourselves about our body figures, how fat we are, how many calories to eat, what diet regimen to take and other trivial things, they are there, still not sure where their next meal will come from.

While we don’t mind wasting our water tooth brushing, watering our lawns and cleaning our cars, they travel several miles for theirs. Sometimes, due to the world’s now crazy weather, the sources of their water eventually dry up, then they really have a big problem, not that they already don’t have problems in the first place, but their problems suddenly become deadly.

While we worry about toddler constipation here in our land, probably because of so much had been eaten and the stomach can’t keep up with it, they are there, suffering from diarrhea because of the unclean water that they are drinking daily. Diarrhea in toddlers are so common in their land, that they look at it as a way of life, something common and bound to happen that they are resigned about it, not really thinking of preventing it, but rather on when it is eventually going to happen.

Such is their world and us being lucky is not only an understatement, it’s maddeningly, insanely, dishearteningly unfair.

How do we help them? I really don’t know actually. Yes I can give whatever I can, but how do I go about it? I can, and would really love to go there, if only to experience their situation, but I don’t think I can handle what I will see there. I know it will change me and will never be myself if even I stay there for only one day. Why is this happening anyway? Are our world leaders truly blind not to see this?

Billions of dollars are spent for new missiles, new airplanes and new means for war, what if we just stop spending for it and instead give it to them? I know our leaders have specific explanations for each and every one of my questions, but I also know that deep inside, they are wishing to help too, and are only constrained by their position.

How I wish to have a president that truly gives a damn about these things. One who puts up with all naysayers and doesn’t listen to contradicting opinions and just help people in need. One who sends all our aircraft carriers laden with food and technology to sustain life, give it to one particular area that needs it, and then do it all over again to other nations that needs it. If even for one year, we give up spending for defense and instead put the money to where we can save lives, wouldn’t that be much better?

That would really be the day.