Making Use of Free Time

I have been traveling to several vineyards these past few weeks to take pictures of them for posterity. I have this little project that I have been cooking up for the longest time and I am proud to say that I have already started working on it. It is a coffee table book about making wine here in Napa Valley and although it is really easy just taking photos and stuff, I am finding it hard to put everything together into one fluid book.

Maybe I better do some outlining first or write everything down on paper so that I will not get excited about one thing and keep doing it to the detriment of everything else. I was hoping to feature how fine wine is made here in our locale, starting from the planting of the grapes on vast stretches of rolling vineyards that seems to be located everywhere you look.

I also want to feature how the plants are well taken cared of and pampered by farm hands. What they do during winter, how they water and the frequency of watering, do they use pesticides or fertilizers on it, anything and everything about growing them I would like to document.

Unfortunately that is just one part of the total scope I wish to cover and indeed there are still many more aspects left to tackle. For one, there is their harvesting and after that the processing and priming of the grapes that are to be made into wine. The whole wine making job including all the ingredients and processes that are used, their proper containers and how to determine their aging, stuff like that, among many other things.

You can see clearly the daunting task ahead of me and I am beginning to think of what have I gotten myself into again. Can I really do this thing? But looking into another perspective, if I ever did managed to complete all of this, well by golly it would be a very amazing book. I could even earn from selling them by the looks of it.

But as they say that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and I am doing my earnest best to keep at it. Heck I even bought myself the best travel tripod that money can buy to help me take rather amazing pictures as I can’t really freehand it because my hands are always shaking and stuff. The tripod also allows me to be in the picture even when I’m alone, which happens to be quite often, so good job on that one.

I also bought myself the darnedest best yoga DVD on the mall to help me unwind after a very tiring day out. Although I am not yet very proficient with it, I can already experience the huge benefits it brings to my body just by learning about breathing techniques. Now if I can only manage to do the contortionist thingies then I’ll be set.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll make sure to keep you updated about this recent project of mine. See you soon.