Listening to Static

We had our monthly toasters club meeting this afternoon at a local restaurant and it was hectic to say the least. Each bringing out an agenda of his own and there were discussions all over the place, with everyone having a say and a point to bring out. The topics are as many as the persons in attendance, maybe more. Some of them are trivial, some of them so deep, that the persons engaging them got lost in thought, interest waned and eventually changed to another topic more conducive to discussion. It was a very busy setting, but everyone it seems, is having fun.

At the table besides ours, they were talking about pregnancy as one of the people there was visibly expecting, judging by the humongous bulge in her belly, it’s either she was really pregnant or she ate a large watermelon whole. She seems to have a problem with diarrhea during pregnancy and is seeking advice. I heard her say that she is scared of what if, during one bout of particularly intense diarrhea, her baby comes out unintentionally, which also elicited hearty laughs from her tablemates. Fortunately for her, one person in her table was also a doctor.  He told her that the baby coming out with diarrhea is not that simple, and that she will surely know it, when it does come out eventually. Diarrhea, he added, is common during pregnancy because of the fluctuating hormones in a pregnant woman’s body and that there is nothing to fear about it as it is natural. She just has to make sure not to get dehydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and also to avoid eating rich and oily foods to lessen her risk of diarrhea ever occurring. That’s sage advice, I told myself.

At another table near ours, dogs were the subject of scrutiny. They were comparing of which dog was the best for the house and the children. The choice was between a Bichon Poodle and a Boxer Terrier and they all seem to gravitate towards the former. Their reasoning was that the Bichon Poodle looks cuter, and is more mild mannered of the two dogs. They also said that the Bichon was a very affectionate dog which loves to be always around its owners and is very playful and so very energetic, that the children would very much love to be around it always. Even different types of poodle mixes can make good pet. I stopped listening to them when their discussion turned to grumbling over their dog’s grooming and the amount of money needed for such a high maintenance dogs.

I never thought it would be this fun when you are alone. My table contains only one person, me. My wife and her friends went to freshen up a little, and left me alone with my thoughts. Actually, everyone’s thoughts would be a much better term to use. You might ask, as to what topic was discussed most on our table? Sadly, it was all girl stuff from beginning to end. It’s funny how women and their friends, plus wine, turns them into little girls. Even when brought together in this noisy public place, they would easily adapt, and surely, would not mind at all.