Getting Braces

bracesMy son has perfect teeth today thanks to his episode with braces. He had difficulty chewing his food back then because his teeth were misaligned and crooked. We always observe good dental hygiene in our household and from when they were young, we taught our children the value of taking care of their teeth, how to properly brush, floss and everything in between; because we don’t want them to ever suffer the pain of toothache later in life. The problem was that their dental hygiene was so good; some of my eldest son’s primary teeth never fell off, even when the later permanent teeth began to grow. He had a mouth with almost two rows of teeth, not literally every one of them, but too many for comfort. Although it was okay with him, we let the dentist pull out some of them as they were starting to affect his eating. What resulted were several gaps in his teeth, and it was then that we decided that he got braces.

The process of putting braces on teeth is fairly simple, easy for me to say because I didn’t went through it, but it’s basic concept, is to force teeth to grow in different directions with the use of metal fasteners and tiny rubber bands as aid, so that the teeth as a whole will straighten out like the way nature intended them to be. Hesitant at first because of the weird look it may put on his mouth and the rumored pain that his playmates told him about, our son concurred after a very lengthy and detailed explanation. He was also amenable, after some cajoling, to the one to three years it might take him wearing it, depending upon the evaluation of the dentist.

After an initial interview and thorough examination of my son’s mouth the first day, it was the putting on of the braces the next time we went. It began with the careful cleaning of all the teeth and drying them afterwards. Next, the dentist put on some bonding glue unto his teeth and attached the metal brackets on them, also installing the blue spacers for braces between each tooth. Finally, the arch wire was connected to all of the brackets and the rubber bands also were installed for anchoring and tension. It didn’t take two hours for the entire procedure and my son was none the worse for it. We were advised that my son’s mouth and teeth would be sore for a week and was given prescriptions for tooth pain relief if ever it did happen to come up. He also gave us our scheduled appointments for the future in order to regularly set and tighten the braces.

After about two years’ worth of dental visits, and to his great relief, my son’s braces finally came off, immediately showing the fruits of his sacrifice. No longer showing crooked teeth, his smile was the greatest ever.

Although getting braces is a long, arduous and often expensive process, it was worth it. Looking at and asking my son today, he will always say that he would not do anything otherwise. It’s kinda funny because back then, it would’ve taken two trucks to pull him to go to the dentist, but hey, all’s well that ends well.