Ear Infection in Dogs

It’s always nice to have a pet around to share your life with every day. I don’t know with cats, but dogs, they give you unconditional love. Always hanging around wherever you are, tails constantly wagging. Even when they are sleeping, one whiff of your smell or one sound of your familiar footsteps and their off to the races coming for you. The same is true for Missy, my little baby Teacup Pomeranian. We do almost everything together, owing to her small size and lightness of weight, she is easy to bring along and is my constant companion. We love our pets so much and want to spend more of life together, so it is also very important to take care of their health properly.

Just like us humans, there are practically thousands of diseases which can affect dogs. However for Pomeranians, several of these diseases occur more frequently in their breed. Sickness like cataracts, hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea, eyelid problems, shriveled ears and knee problems are the most common forms of diseases that a Pomeranian dog can have. It is best to read and know more about them, so that we could respond properly if ever they acquire any kind of sickness. Like missy for example, last month she had an ear infection that we only knew about when we went to the vet for her regular checkup. Ear infections in dogs can be hard to detect, as dogs have deep ears and, unluckily for Missy, small ones too.  We were bothered with her demeanor during those days and she has been acting weirdly, good thing her vet schedule was up.

deiThe vet explained to us that there are several tell-tale signs to consider if a dog has ear infection. Primary was the smell coming from their ears or if any discharge is coming out of it, another is if they are always scratching or rubbing at their ears and the constant shaking and tilting of their heads, as if they are trying to remove something from their ears are also signs of ear infection. The dog during those times will also exhibit irritability and may seem depressed most of the time. So if you notice your dog exhibiting most of these symptoms, it is advised for you to take him to the vet for treatment. Dog ear infection is generally treatable if diagnosed early and properly. It also recommended that we know what causes these kinds of infections, so that we can save our dogs the experience of going through them.

Ear infections in dogs can be caused by several things. Examples of which are parasites, foreign body dislodged in the ear, food allergies, trauma, and most important of all, improper hygiene. Regular bathing and grooming of your dog is not enough, care should also be taken in the cleaning of their ears, as they do not have easy reach of it and has no capability for its maintenance. Cleaning of a dog’s ear is almost the same process as with humans, although theirs is much deeper and more L-shaped, the use of an ear cleaner and a cotton swab to ease out dirt and other foreign substances from the ear is recommended.

Awareness of your dog’s health is the key to his long life and years of enjoyment and love for everyone in the family. We owe it to them and it is but proper that we also give him the best care available, because he too never holds back, and will gladly give all his love to us, unconditionally.