Different Types of Wine Accessories

wine rackDifferent Types of Wine Accessories

Many people will readily admit that they are beer drinkers and unless they are willing to try something new, they will probably continue to be. I was that way for a long time, until I was introduced to a sampling of Riesling and I have not looked back since. As a financial consultant in Napa, I have found that I can use wine and especially the accessories that come with it to improve my business relations, in fact I have come across a few accessories that have served me well.

I may not be the most experienced person when it comes to drinking wine but I believe that a corkscrew is a valuable commodity to every wine drinker, even more so if it comes in a gift set. I have done some looking around and seen several different kinds of bottle openers, cork pullers and wine stoppers and determined that they would all be great to keep around the house.

Wine tasting events are usually held at wineries, although some businesses have been known to conduct their own event. Those companies would use things like Spittoons, for those who just want to taste and not swallow. Wine cooling sleeves, or a cooler big enough to keep all the wines they want their customers to taste. Depending on the clientele, the glasses can be anything from simple to extravagant and classy.

Setting up your own bar at home, especially a wine bar can involve a host of other items to set the ambiance of a wine lover. Consider placing some pictures of grapes, a few barrels that were used to keep wine until the fermenting stages. Items around the bar can include a crystal decanter or two, or even a electric wine opener, if you prefer to avoid the heavy lifting.

You certainly don’t have to keep it all for yourself, even though you might be tempted. Friends that enjoy wine will appreciate a gift that is associated with wine like gauges for wine and humidity. Wine funnels are also useful and can be used if the recipient plans on transferring the wine from a basic bottle to one that is a little more elegant to serve to their guests. You can also send a special wine thermometer to your favorite wine buddy.

You don’t necessarily have to have a wine bar or need to fill a gift list to use wine accessories, they can be useful for special events that are centered around an Italian theme. Reuse empty wine bottles to provide a candle light intimacy on each table and maybe even a bottle holder that maintains the temperature of every bottle of wine for your individual tables. Your guests will love it, I know I would.