Carbohydrate’s Role in Making us Fat

bad carbsIf you are looking for a diet that is not terribly depraving and is almost hard to notice then low carb diet is the way to go. The Low carb diet’s aim is to severely control one’s carbohydrate intake while permitting an increase in protein and fat intake. Carbohydrate rich food includes dairy products, most types of grains, sugar and its end products, and also starchy fruits and vegetables among other things. Popular diets which incorporate the low carbs philosophy in their diet programs are The Zone Diet Program, Atkins Diet and also The South Beach Diet system.

In essence, what the low carb diet preaches is that if we restrict our carbohydrate intake, we would lose weight more rapidly. Carbohydrates, a dietary component, are broken down by the body to form glucose which is then used by the body as energy. Excess glucose in turn, is stored by the body as fat. It is then safe to assume that if we limit our carbohydrate intake, the body will then source its energy from fatty tissue deposits resulting to the decrease of a person’s weight. Consuming fatty foods really doesn’t make us fat; it is the body’s reaction to excess carbohydrates in the food we eat that makes us fat.

Although I am not a follower of any diet regimen, I am in agreement of its basic principle of minimizing carb intake. Carbohydrates being sugar, has many detrimental effects on the human body besides gaining unwanted pounds. Recent studies found that an excess amount of sugar in the body almost triples the chance of one developing coronary heart disease and that fructose, another byproduct of carbohydrates, feeds various forms of cancer cells and contribute to their rapid growth. Other notable problems that may arise from consuming too many carbohydrates are an increased risk of developing diabetes and insulin resistance, wherein your body secretes insulin twice, doubling the formation of triglycerides in your liver and creating a condition called hypoglycemia or false hunger, that even if your stomach is full, makes you feel you are still hungry which then eventually makes you eat more.

What I do is I keep a conscious tab on what I eat. I call it my replacement diet, and eat low carb vegetables in place of foods rich in carbs like breads and cereals to keep me full. And in place of desserts, I eat low carb fruits instead. The internet is rich with information about what vegetables and fruits to eat and I suggest you start researching about it first. Although I still eat meat and other foods rich in protein, the benefits of decreasing your carbohydrate intake can be felt immediately as you’ll feel lighter and gone are the feelings of listlessness and sleepiness associated with high carb foods. You’ll just have to ease yourself slowly into this kind of diet and never go into it cold-turkey as you’ll have a very hard time weaning yourself from the comfort foods that you have been accustomed to. Being fit and having a strong body takes will power, determination and patience, if you have those three then you are set for a long and healthy life.