About Me

bellawineracks-Michael ChristophersonHola! My name is Michael Christopherson. I live in Napa, CA. My day job is a financial consultant for a bank. But on my spare time, I am a 100% wine enthusiast. Every wine that you can think of–you name it, I have tasted it! I love going to Napa wine country every weekend to taste wine with my wife. There are many wineries around the world that I would love to go to because of my love of wine. I love the whole process of how wine is made to consumption. One day, my dream is to open up my very own winery and to create my own type of wine. But for now, I travel to different cities, towns and countries just to try out different types of wine on my free time! If you are interested in learning more, I would be glad to share my experiences with you over a bottle of wine.