Water Pipe Problems

Yesterday I got the shock of my life from the most unexpected thing that you would do almost every day and never think anything could go wrong with it. Well to make a long story short, I came into the house from working on my garden and I went to the tap for a drink of thirst quenching water and next thing I knew there was something on my mouth that was not there moments ago.

I hesitated at first looking on it and knowing what it was. I thought first if I had a gum or if I had loose tooth fillings or something tamer than what I have been imagining all along, but the list was just not up to par with what I was feeling inside my mouth. It was chunky and coarse, much too big for a tooth filling or a tooth chip for that matter and it tasted like rust, or I think it was as I have never tasted rust before.

I immediately spitted it out unto my palm and lo and behold, I almost drank a hideous fragment of pipe gunk. Yep, it sat solidly on my palm in all its grimy glory and I went straight to the sink for some retching relief. To think that I had this thing in my mouth just a second ago truly made my stomach somersault inside of me a couple of times.

I really never did get over that until today when I finally got my act together and planned my course of action. I asked around my neighborhood if they experienced something like what had happened to me but they all answered in the negative. So it was really just me that is affected by it. Maybe it has got something to do with the pipes underneath my house. It’s an old antique of a house so maybe the pipes are aged the same if not older.

The plumber arrived this morning and confirmed that it really was from my pipes as several more sediments managed to flow with the tap water when we opened it. Maybe the low intensity quake that we experienced a couple of days ago has got something to do with it.

The plumber suggested for a filter of some sort to serve for the time being but I’m not having any of it. I could buy even the best reverse osmosis system on the market today and have clean water flowing out of the tap again but just the thought of knowing there are more of that stuff in there gives me the creeps. What I really wanted was the total replacement of all the offending pipes and I’ll be a happy camper again.

So I’m heading to the mall right now to go buy myself the best lightweight luggage available as I will be going on a trip somewhere far from my house while the pipes are getting fixed. I can’t stand being with no available water to use and I know it will take a couple of days for it to be fixed.

The thought of me drinking that thing makes my skin crawl up to now. If you would have seen how gross it was then I am sure you would’ve felt the same as me. I’m out of here.