How to Drink Wine

How to Drink Wine

red wineI am a successful mid career financial consultant by profession and a wine connoisseur and collector by avocation. Right after graduating from Stanford, my young wife, Carol, and I had the good fortune of landing in Napa, CA where we have been raising our family of two boys, now both in their teens. Every year, Carol and I visit two to three dozen wineries returning to old favorites and discovering new gems off the beaten path. Although I am passionate about wine, I am definitely not a wine-snob and would never tell you not to drink merlot and insist on pinot noir like Miles, Paul Giamatti’s frustrated character in the movie ‘Sideways’. Leaving it entirely to your preferences what to drink, I would just like to pass on some tips which have enhanced my own enjoyment of fine wine. Continue reading

Different Types of Wine Accessories

wine rackDifferent Types of Wine Accessories

Many people will readily admit that they are beer drinkers and unless they are willing to try something new, they will probably continue to be. I was that way for a long time, until I was introduced to a sampling of Riesling and I have not looked back since. As a financial consultant in Napa, I have found that I can use wine and especially the accessories that come with it to improve my business relations, in fact I have come across a few accessories that have served me well.

I may not be the most experienced person when it comes to drinking wine but I believe that a corkscrew is a valuable commodity to every wine drinker, even more so if it comes in a gift set. I have done some looking around and seen several different kinds of bottle openers, cork pullers and wine stoppers and determined that they would all be great to keep around the house.
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